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فاند دکتری کامپیوتر هلند

فاند دکتری کامپیوتر هلند

توجه: این موقعیت ویزا را برای ورود ساپورت نمیکند | فاند دکتری کامپیوتر هلند

متقاضی با یک برنامه نویس اختصاصی AMdEX و محققان AMdEX روی نمونه های اولیه مبادله داده های تعامل پذیر که جنبه های کنترل پذیری ، برنامه ریزی و استفاده مجدد را نشان می دهد، همکاری خواهد کرد.

☑️ پیشنهاد مطالعه: مشاوره رایگان تحصیل در استرالیا

موضوع و رشته های مرتبط:

  • مهندسی کامپیوتر
  • علوم کامپیوتر
  • امنیت شبکه
  • و رشته های مرتبط


مزایای بورسیه:

  • ۲۷۰۰ تا ۴۰۷۸ یورو ماهانه (ناخالص)
  • ۳۸ ساعت در هفته
  • تمام وقت
  • قرارداد موقت اولیه به مدت ۱۲ ماه

 موارد مورد نیاز:

  • مدرک ارشد در زمینه امنیت و مهندسی شبکه، علوم کامپیوتر یا سایر رشته های مربوطه باشد
  • تخصص در شبکه های تعریف شده با نرم افزار و برنامه ریزی سطح داده با فناوری هایی مانند P4 ، DPDK و eBPF
  • تجربه در کار با سیستم عامل‌های مبتنی بر لینوکس
  • تجربه توسعه API برای سیستم های توزیع شده و به اشتراک گذاری داده ها
  • درک عمیق خدمات شبکه اصلی مانند DHCP ، DNS و مسیریابی
  • تجربه مدیریت شبکه شامل پیکربندی روترها، سوئیچ ها و فایروال‌ها
  • آشنایی با فناوری های مجازی سازی مانند OpenStack و KVM
  • رزومه، SOP
  • درخواست داوطلبان بدون ویزا برای این موقعیت قابل بررسی نیست

لینک اپلای:

وارد شوید

مهلت اپلای:


کشورهایی با بیشترین بورسیه تحصیلی | روش کاهش هزینه دانشگاه خارجی | ددلاین اپلای

OpenLab Developer

Faculty of Science – Informatics Institute

Vacancy details of OpenLab Developer
Publication date ۳ September 2021
Closing date ۱ October 2021
Level of education Master’s degree
Hours ۳۸ hours per week
Salary indication €۲,۷۰۰ to €۴,۰۷۸ gross per month
Vacancy number ۲۱-۵۶۳

We are looking for an ICT developer for SNE research cluster of the Institute of Informatics. The cluster comprises the three research groups: CCI – Complex Cyber Infrastructures, MNS – Multiscale Networked Systems and PCS – Parallel Computing Systems.

This person will support and contribute to the further development of the OpenLab, the experimental environment that supports research carried out in the three groups.

What are you going to do

The applicant will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the OpenLab, the experimental lab that supports the research activities of the three groups. The lab is foundational to the world leading research role of the groups and requires continuous support as well as development.

The applicant will support and facilitate several ongoing research efforts:

  • the RoN – Research on Networks – activities in collaboration with SURF;
  • the 2STiC collaboration (www.2stic.nl), with particular focus on the definition of P4 testbeds;
  • the ‘AMdEX Industry Lab‘. The applicant will work together with a dedicated AMdEX programmer and AMdEX researchers on interoperable data exchange prototypes demonstrating aspects of controllability, programmability and reuse;

the OpenLab services interoperability with the European research infrastructures.

What do we require

The candidate should have a master’s degree in Security and Network Engineering, Computer Science or other relevant disciplines and fluently speak and write English. Specifically, we are interested in people with:

  • Expertise in Software Defined Networking, and data plane programmability with technologies such as P4, DPDK, and eBPF;
  • substantial experience working with Linux based operating systems;
  • experience with API development for distributed systems and data sharing;
  • in depth understanding of core network services such as DHCP, DNS, and routing;
  • experience managing a network including configuring routers, switches and firewalls;
  • familiar with virtualization technologies such as OpenStack and KVM.

We also expect the candidate to contribute to the group technical and scientific publications of researchers associated with the OpenLab by providing the necessary technical contributions; previous contributions to technical publications are considered an advantage. We also foresee support for the general outreach activities of the groups, such as developing and supporting prototypes and demonstrators.

Our offer

A temporary contract for 38 hours a week for the duration of 12 months.

For this position we can not sponsor a visa.

The salary, depending on relevant experience before the beginning of the employment contract, will be € ۲,۷۰۰ to € ۴,۰۷۸ (scale 8-9) gross per month, based on a fulltime contract (38 hours a week). This is exclusive 8% holiday allowance and 8.3% end-of-year bonus. A favourable tax agreement, the ‘۳۰% ruling’, may apply to non-Dutch applicants. The Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities is applicable.

Are you curious about our extensive package of secondary employment benefits like our excellent opportunities for study and development? Take a look here.

About us

The Faculty of Science has a student body of around 7,000, as well as 1,600 members of staff working in education, research or support services. Researchers and students at the Faculty of Science are fascinated by every aspect of how the world works, be it elementary particles, the birth of the universe or the functioning of the brain.

The positi­­­­­­on will be embedded in the MNS group – one of the research groups in the Informatics Institute. The group focuses its researches on the fundamental architectural problems that arise from the interconnection of systems and of data flows. We look at the emerging architectures that can support the operations of the future Internet. In particular we focus on the delivery of secure and sustainable ICT services across multiple domains. Device programmability and virtualization play in this field an ever-increasing role in designing networks and ICT infrastructures. We address the interoperability challenges in supporting discovery, analysis and interoperation between heterogeneous complex infrastructures. Our vision is to build an effective ‘knowledge fibre’ to facilitate information discovery, integration and reuse across distributed infrastructures.


Do you have questions about this vacancy? Or do you want to know more about our organisation? Please contact:

Job application

The UvA is an equal-opportunity employer. We prioritize diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone. We value a spirit of enquiry and perseverance, provide the space to keep asking questions, and promote a culture of curiosity and creativity.

The Informatics Institute strives for a better gender balance in its staff. We therefore strongly encourage women to apply for this position.

Do you recognize yourself in the job profile? Then we look forward to receiving your application by closing date. You can apply online by using the link below.

Applications in .pdf should include:

  • a motivation letter and CV, including a list of publications,
  • if any additional information is needed, please add here

Please mention the months (not just years) in your CV when referring to your education and work experience.

Applications of candidates without a visa can not be considered for this position.

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