Something about combustion, it is worth reading it

There are two kinds of combustion steady waves, deflagration and detonation. The major differnce come from the fact that some combustoins occure with the high speed while others do not. By the word of speed I mean velocities higher than  the sound velocity in air, to be more precise, for Mach numbers more around 5 or 6 the wave is called detonation, while for lower than 1 it is regarded as deflagration.

deflagration wave usually occure in pre_mixied falmes and diffusion ones, , for both cases of turbulent and laminar flame. the order of velocity in these flame come to for say 0.5 m/s. Suppose that we have a one closed end tube which contains the mixture of fuel and oxidizer. When the mixture is ignited in the opend side the flame propagates but under the conditon of deflagration,. In this case the flame will accelerate but to a steady limited velocity which is much lower than Ma=1. On the other hand if the mixture is ignited in the closed side these process will happen again but the flame will reach a far higher velocity thanks to the pushing of the burned -traped gases.

There are alot of applications for detonation say forging metals or millitary actions like nuclear bombs by which everything would be razed.


پایه‌ریزی یک منبع آموزشی و علمی فارسی هدفی است که لحظه‌ای از آن غافل نبوده‌ایم. (فوق لیسانس رشته علوم کامپیوتر - پردازش تصویر)

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